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TQ3-500H Programmable High Wattage Conveyor Toaster

TQ3-500H TOAST-QWIK Programmable High Watt Conveyor Toaster Capacity up to 500 toast slices/hour Touch screen controller - easy to see and use Twelve programmable settings USB port for software updates. Black finish standard. Programmable power save function. Unique toast delivery rack moves toast to the storage tray each and every time. Suitable for front discharge [...]

DCFT-BKCE Dual Feed Continuous Toaster

DCFT-BKCE Dual Feed Continuous Toaster. Designed and built for ultra fast, high production capability of up to 3000 buns per hour, the Prince Castle Dual Feed Continuous Contact Toaster is the unit for any high volume quick-turnaround food outlets or high production kitchens. Manufactured to Prince Castle’s high standards for utmost reliability and unbeatable performance. [...]

TQ-1800H Conveyor Toaster

The Hatco Toast-Qwik® 1800H is the conveyor toaster with fast, dependable and versatile toasting, offering up to a massive 1200 slices per hour for the busiest of venues. This powerful performer boasts adjustable upper and lower heating elements, variable speed control, Stand-by mode for power saving, and ColorGuard® technology to monitor the toasting cavity temperature [...]

TM-10H Conveyor Toaster

TM-10H Conveyor Toaster The Hatco Toast-Max entry level conveyor toaster offers the flexibility and performance to perfectly toast bread and buns fast. Utilizing conveyor speed, not temperature, to determine toasting colour, this allows for instant adjustment of toasting time. up to 6 slices/minute 4 position toast selector switch: off / toast / buns / standby [...]

297-SW16 Contact Bun Toaster Slim Line

 297-SW16 Slim line Contact Bun Toaster. New Slimline Model When maximum throughput speed is essential, Prince Castle Vertical bun toasters offer up to 750 buns per hour capacity for venues that have high demand. Perfect caramelisation/toasting at high volumes with adjustable speed and thickness for heels and crowns. This new model -SW16 is up to [...]

TPT-230-4-10 Pop-Up Toaster

TPT-230R-4 Hi-Watt Pop-Up Toaster. Perfect for self-serve areas and light volume applications. The Hatco Pop-Up Toaster provides even golden toasting of a variety of bread products. The durable stainless steel housing contains four self-centering slots (32mmW) with individual toasting controls, a bagel/bun button for one-sided toasting, and removable crumb tray. With two separate toasting controls, [...]

TQ-805 High Watt Conveyor Toaster

TQ-805 TOAST-QWIK High Watt Conveyor Toaster The Hatco High Watt Conveyor  toasters toast high moisture content bread product to a rich golden colour. Sheathed heating elements are featured in all models.  Toast-Qwik models have a conveyor feed guide and front or rear discharge with toast tray. This provides the flexibility and performance to perfectly toast  bread [...]


Fine Food Melbourne 2018 - once again the premier venue for the latest in the food industry was a jam-packed event at the Exhibition Centre. On show this year was the remarkable SYNERGY GRILL, fresh from a win as the FSAA Innovation of the Year Award 2018. With Leander Cadbury from SYNERGY UK in attendance, [...]

Food Service Australia (FSAA) – Sydney 2018

CARLISLE FOOD SERVICE PRODUCTS - AVAILABLE FROM  FSM AUSTRALIA MARCH 2019! FSM AT FOOD SERVICE AUSTRALIA SHOW SYDNEY - MAY 2018 FSM, a long-time supporter of the FSAA once again showcased new innovative technology and leading manufacturer brands from around the globe at this popular event, this time held at ICC Darling Harbour. [...]

Food Service Australia (FSAA) Melbourne 2017

MARCH 2019! CARLISLE FOOD SERVICE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA FROM FSM PL.   CALL (03) 9368 2300 FOR MORE DETAILS   FOOD SERVICE AUSTRALIA TRADE SHOW  MAY 2017:   FSM exhibited a wide range of  professional food preparation and holding solutions at the popular FSAA Trade Show at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in late [...]